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House of Mr. Bond is a collective indie online store at Etsy and here is our blog, peppered with our products, artwork, ideas for home decor and more.

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AT HOUSE OF MR. BOND, it is all about interesting, fun, and enjoyable creations for wearing it, displaying at home and anywhere else. We design jewelry, original art, and home decor! All of our products also make great gifts for friend, family, or co-workers.

HOUSE OF MR. BOND, is a collective indie online store and here is our blog. On this blog, we hope to share some of our ideas with the world and not just the artwork we love and our little products we made. Hope you will enjoy your visit here.



"Because most of our items are drawn and hand-made, all these little items were made using my our own hands. To us, they are not just mere objects for they contain our thoughts and feelings in them."

They are not factory-made and do not a fancy brand. Perhaps to some, they are not good enough and they are not perfect but to us, they do have a little life of their own.

Our hands are not some sort of machine or a photocopier. Sometimes, we do hope they are. It is difficult for us to produce exactly the same thing which is showcase here online. Once in a while, we do mess up what we had in mind and need to re-do our drawings and hand-made items again. However, we will always try my best to do complete it. Perhaps it is the uniqueness of these items which made them special as no two are the 100% same. We will also try to put a limit on the amount of these products as we want to make them exclusive.

Some of the items showcase here need to be ordered while some of them are available. If you are interested in the product, you can email us or place an order and we will get back to you roughly how long the product will be ready. We hope for those of you who had placed an ordered, it will be a confirmed order and will not cancel it once it is placed. We will try my best to produce something that we think is worth waiting for.

Thank you very much for all of your email-orders and likes as well as the trust and support.
We really appreciate it.


AT HOUSE OF MR. BOND, it is all about interesting, fun, and enjoyable creations for wearing it, displaying at home and anywhere else. We design jewelry, original art, and home decor! All of our products also make great gifts for friend, family, or co-workers. Our opening hours are Monday-Friday but we will try to reply all of you during the weekends at times, too. We hope you like our stuff and have fun here!



Our preferred method of payment is via pay pal. Full payment is required prior to shipment. Please let us know if you have any payment questions.



We are thrilled to offer both domestic and international shipping to our customers. While we do ship internationally, we are not responsible for import duties, fees and taxes on the item, which are decided at the time your order reaches your country. Customs clearance or any other charges required by your country is the customer’s responsibility. HOUSE OF MR. BOND does not have any control over these international shipping laws that differ from country to country. Orders will be packaged and shipped once a week on Friday. Also note that when your package is shipped, you will receive notification via e-mail. For domestic orders, please allow 5-9 days and up to 3 weeks for all international orders as some of the items are hand-made and need to be ordered. The costs will vary per size of piece. We will also carefully wrap and inspect each order prior to shipping. Orders will ship within five days of received payment if the item is available. Please allow at least 1-2 weeks for custom orders. Do not hesitate to contact us with any shipping questions you may have. Gift Wrapping is also available upon request. Any items we feel can be combined in shipping we have noted in the column. However, other items we feel may be damaged during shipping may need to ship in another package. However, if you are interested in purchasing more than one item, please let us know so we can figure out the best and most cost efficient shipping method.



At this time, we are not able to process returns or exchanges. All sales are final. If an item you order is no longer available, or the price has changed, we will notify you via e-mail of the changes as early as possible. If for some reason we are unable to contact you, we will cancel the order. Please be aware that we will not substitute any item without permission from both parties. We exercise the right to cancel any order you have attempted to make. The item you tried to order may have suddenly become unavailable, or we may decide to reject the order for reasons that will be kept confidential. You will be notified by e-mail if your payment has been refused and you will not be charged.



HOUSE OF MR. BOND is open to communications regarding custom orders, bulk orders, and international orders. Please contact us through email at houseofmrbond [at] gmail.com