"Because most of our items are drawn and hand-made, all these little items were made using my our own hands. To us, they are not just mere objects for they contain our thoughts and feelings in them."

They are not factory-made and do not a fancy brand. Perhaps to some, they are not good enough and they are not perfect but to us, they do have a little life of their own.

Our hands are not some sort of machine or a photocopier. Sometimes, we do hope they are. It is difficult for us to produce exactly the same thing which is showcase here online. Once in a while, we do mess up what we had in mind and need to re-do our drawings and hand-made items again. However, we will always try my best to do complete it. Perhaps it is the uniqueness of these items which made them special as no two are the 100% same. We will also try to put a limit on the amount of these products as we want to make them exclusive.

Some of the items showcase here need to be ordered while some of them are available. If you are interested in the product, you can email us or place an order and we will get back to you roughly how long the product will be ready. We hope for those of you who had placed an ordered, it will be a confirmed order and will not cancel it once it is placed. We will try my best to produce something that we think is worth waiting for.

Thank you very much for all of your email-orders and likes as well as the trust and support.
We really appreciate it.

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